Exposure in the formative years to a broad range of foundational knowledge in culture, geography and science provides "hooks in the brain" for all future learning. Hands-on materials bring abstract concepts to life, helping children to comprehend in a deep and meaningful way. Children experience personal pride and feelings of self-worth associated with working independently and for their own purposes, by following through on their tasks and producing exceptional work.

Early Childhood Program

This program consists of the Montessori stream as well as the Kindergarten method. It is based on co- operative learning and inter-personal interactions. At GIS, we address multiple intelligences and cover all developmental domains of the child including physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development. GIS enriches your child's days with occasions that are memorable and foster a collaborative learning environment. Annual days and sports days, simple drills, exercises and fun games, celebration and understanding of different festivals, story telling sessions, rhymes, drawing and painting competitions are all part of the academic calendar. At the end of the Early Childhood Program, our little ones will move on to Grade 1 to begin their adventures in Primary School.

Primary School (Grades I - V)

At this stage, GIS curriculum is aimed at creating social awareness and all-round development with a stress on physical, intellectual, social, emotional and value-based learning experiences. At GIS, we enable the child to make associations, build conceptual connections, collaborate on creative projects and derive great joy in learning. The curriculum includes visual art and music, yoga and physical education.The GIS educator utilizes a variety of teaching aids /methods in the course of classroom interaction, such as flash cards, board games, experiments, fun activities, word games and puzzles, dumb-charades, role-play, audio-visual room equipment, group projects, individual projects, and field trips. Every concept is reinforced with a fun activity and application based questions are posed to students right from the primary level.

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