We do not believe in the concept that "Extra- curricular" activities are optional. For us anything that helps to build the child's personality is to be planned and carried out and thus all our activities are for all the children and they are part of our regular timetable. A few of these activities we have in addition to Squash, Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis...

Assembly Sessions

School follows strict School Discipline Policies, Assembly Routine, Class Rules, Break Time Policy, Home Time Policy in order to better manage the overall school environment.


An Educational Initiatives program. We believe that every child is unique in his learning, and hence learning should be individualised. Witspark is a cloud based platform that aids in the study of mathematics by self learning with a curriculum integrated database. Works at every individual student's level, pace and path by gauging their understanding and learning patterns. Witspark is an enjoyable visual experience for students where they can explore their way through concepts and learn from their errors. With an interactive and playful user interface, students can have fun while getting deeper insights into the science of mathematics.

Cultural and National Festivals

A person is identified by his/her cultural moorings. When the wings - the scholastic degrees of iconic institutions fail to help a person sail through a tough situation it is always his/her roots which come to the rescue. It depends on how rooted one is to his/her culture. To imbibe a culture one has to experience and live that culture. It is also essential that someone knowledgeable constructs experiential lessons to provide that experience. We have a devoted Mentor to take care of the scholastic requirements and as a school a chance to celebrate various festivals, learn more about a particular tradition and to reflect on them,is never missed.

Summer Camp

During the vacations the school offers short courses to the Edmundites. The vacations mean two months of non-activity. In order to keep the students vital and energetic we offer courses like : Aerobics, Cooking, Stitching, Computers, Dance and Music various Crafts and sports activities like skating, gymnastics, Tae Kwando, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball etc. All these courses have received positive response.

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