Just like a small plant turns into a strapping tree with the help of strong roots, Gabriel International School also emphasizes on practical approach to learning and knowledge gaining. For Gabriel International School, we have a strong vision to provide kids with strong basic knowledge, the ultimate foundation for better intellectual growth.

The physical surrounding:

We prepared a safe environment with sufficient space, natural lighting, child sized furnishing as well as child sized washroom. The furniture is lightweight, and all material is neatly ordered and easily accessible.

The materials:

The materials are made to enable the progress of the child's intellectual development. They are offered in isolation and enhance a child's stereo Gnostic awareness. They also develop the child's intellect and refine their senses.

Our Teachers and Staff:

Our teachers support the child's development through their ability to observe and assist the child in his sensitive periods of knowledge acquisition. Our staff have, Early Childhood Educational and/or Montessori training, First Aid Certification and complete criminal record checks.

Our goals includes

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